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What's New on Planon Live for Financial Professionals

Planon Lease Accounting Solution

Planon is committed to innovation, ensuring that you can continuously benefit from new software features in Planon Live. Watch our trailers for Financial Professionals to stay updated on the latest developments and updates designed to support your business.

A comprehensive overview of all new features can be found in the release notes (login to the customer portal required).

April 2024 - L104

March 2024 - L103

February 2024 - L102

January 2024 - L101

December 2023 - L100

November 2023 - L99

October 2023 - L98

September 2023 - L97

August 2023 - L96

July 2023 - L95

June 2023 - L94

May 2023 - L93

April 2023 - L92

You can find all trailers that are older than 12 months on our corporate YouTube channel.